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    Handling Complaints

    Given its mission to promote the Québec tourism industry, the Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec is charged with receiving and handling any complaints and concerns regarding tourist services offered in Québec, with the exception of those provided at camp grounds.

    Lack of communication, poor coordination of services, inconsistent enforcement of standards, inequity, inappropriate behaviours.

    Anyone using tourist services who is faced with a problem that they feel unable to solve on their own, or where they have not received satisfactory answers, may register their dissatisfaction by contacting the Alliance by email, by phone (1 877 686-8358, option 7), by fax (450 686-9630) or by mail at 1575 boulevard de l’Avenir, Suite 330, Laval, Québec, H7S 2N5.

    This process for handling grievances through the Alliance is not a legal recourse, but rather an initiative to bring the parties closer together.


    1. First, the Alliance receives comments regarding a Québec tourism business or organization.
    2. The Alliance then confirms receipt and informs the consumer that his or her comments have been forwarded to the relevant business operator, who, in turn, assesses the complaint and contacts the client directly. The Alliance also receives a copy of the response. As the quality of Québec’s tourism industry is of great concern, the relevant regional and sectoral tourism associations are also copied during the various communications between the consumer and the establishment.
    3. If the business operator has not responded within 10 business days from the date the complaint was received from the Alliance, the Alliance will then issue an initial reminder to the operator. Facilities usually respond to comments or concerns brought to their attention within a reasonable amount of time. However, some may choose not to follow up, despite receiving a second reminder from the Alliance.

    Our team

    Jacinthe Doucet

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    Since 2004
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    Coordonnatrice – Relations médias, communication et marketing – Hors-Québec
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    Responsable des finances & services aux employés
    Since 2009
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    Conseillère service aux membres – Trois-Rivières, Des Chenaux et Centre-du-Québec
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