Boréalis, Centre d’histoire de l’industrie papetière

A major tourist attraction in the Mauricie, BORÉALIS features fabulous experiences through exhibitions! BORÉALIS offers you thematic activities based on the St.Maurice River, the forest, the log drive, lumberjacks, and the development of the working class and the major pulp and paper industry. This former industrial building has been transformed into an exhibition centre where you can work your way through the underground vaults, make your own paper, relax in the sun and enjoy a cup of coffee on our beautiful outdoor terrace, visit the superb lookout tower, and more! Come discover this exciting place where you will learn about the adventure-fi lled history of paper!



Inspired by the sound walks in Manhattan and Paris, Boréalis innovates by offering this urban tour: First Shift! Through First Shift, you’ll immerse yourself in the reality of an employee doing his first shift at the CIP, once the largest paper mill in the world! Filled with soundscapes and testimonials, this immersive tour tells the history of the plant and its neighbourhood, interspersed with anecdotes and photographic archives.

First Shift takes place at the heart of the Ste-Cécile neighbourhood and is a 50 minutes long tour (2 km).


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