SDÉ La Pérade (BIT des Chenaux)

I have a secret… Des Chenaux is a feast for all five senses!

Take a look around at the serenely bucolic landscapes, ribbons of farmland with hills and furrows, bison and wapitis grazing in the fields. Admire the historic churches and ancestral homes lining the roads, the pillars of our history. Enjoy the interplay of light and shadow on the beach along the river, on the Route verte bicycle path along the Chemin du Roy or on the ice as you skate along. Listen closely to the song of the nuthatch and the blue jay, the bleating of a goat, the babbling of a brook and the muted roar of a waterfall. Take in the hush of the woods in winter, the crunch of your footsteps in the snow or the scratching of skates on ice. Catch the sound of a fish as it is pulled, wriggling, out of the frozen river. Smell the fragrance of fir trees and ferns in the undergrowth; sniff the scent of clover that will be harvested in summer. Breathe in the river, the musky bison wool, fresh-cut hay and newly fallen snow. Smell is said to evoke the most powerful memories. Come to remember. Touch the rough bark of a tree; feel the satin-smooth texture of a church pew, the warmth of white sand and the delicate softness of daisy petals. Run your fingers through the cool water of brooks and streams, then gather huge bunches of wildflowers in the fields. Stroke a horse’s nose or bury your hands in the wool of an angora goat. Taste sun-kissed strawberries, cheese aged to perfection and crisp, juicy apples in fall. Savour local products in a restaurant, a country eatery or directly at the farm. Bask in the warm welcome of our innkeepers. Nurse a cup of coffee on a terrace along the St. Lawrence and treat yourself to maple taffy on snow at a sugar shack on the glacial moraine.


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