GEOS Spa / Sacacomie

At the heart of the Mauricie region, in an almost mystical setting, an ancien Amerindian legend still resonates. It is here, that GEOS Spa Sacacomie redefines our idea of relaxation and replenishment with its cutting-edge thermal station that is part of the worldfamous hotel of the same name. Located amidst plush forest at the foot of the impressive Sacacomie Lake, a rich environment that evokes calm and serenity as expansive as the valleys and the mountains. Its primary purpose: to enhance the healthy well-being of body and spirit, all while transforming its picturesque setting into a true generator of natural spiritual. Discover the benefits of heat therapy at GEOS Les Bains unique facilities and Nordic baths, year-round. While you are there, treat yourself to a massage or body treatment offered by the team of therapists at GEOS Les Soins. Draw from the legendary energy of Sacacomie.


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