Domaine Tavibois

At Domaine Tavibois we welcome you all year long with our 21 lodges available to rent. Come and discover this wonderful place were history, culture, art and nature works hand in hand to offer you a resourceful and relaxing stay. The Domaine have been founded in 1951 by Monseigneur Albert Tessier, Dr Avila Denoncourt and Abbe Paul Boivin. The goal was to make it a place of recollection and artistic creation.
You will be able to visit our round timber chapel that will bring you back to the colonization era, see some vestiges of the old sawmill and forge that were there way before the foundation of the Domaine. At Tavibois, time froze in a period of time where life was easy and peaceful. We bet you’ll get back home relaxed and resourced.
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