Manoir Boucher de Niverville

Come in and feel the ambiance of the oldest manor in Trois-Rivières! The exhibition entitled Vie bourgeoise, les dessous de la mondanité en Nouvelle-France will take you into the world of Marie-Josephte Chastelain and her husband Joseph-Claude Boucher de Niverville, a bourgeois couple from the days of the French regime. Learn about our ancestors, their food, clothing, superstitions, morals and customs & you will know everything about the life and times of our ancestors. Discover the charm of the manor’s architecture; see how it evolved and was transformed into one of Québec’s historic gems. You’ll understand the evolution and the many transformations which have made the Manoir Boucher de Niverville a major element of the Trois-Rivières built heritage.



A one of a kind concept in Quebec! This guided walking tour proposes an original way to learn about Trois-Rivières’ history and architecture. With a View Master in hand, you will have access to archival photos of buildings that have been transformed or no longer exist, as well as highlights of the city’s history. Nostalgists will be delighted by this cult toy that is sure to bring back happy childhood memories!



With family or friends, explore Trois-Rivières’ historic district and downtown area. Using a GPS, you will have to go from one cache to the next and put your heads together to discover the city’s secrets. An activity where archaeology, history, the outdoors, and technology come together!

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